Courtyard Open!

During June half term it was wonderful to have welcomed back so many visitors to the Town Hall after 5 months of closure.

We transformed our outdoor space into ‘The Courtyard’ (formally known as the car park!) with covered areas, bistro seating, artificial greenery and covered hay bales it created a wonderfully covid-safe and original space for our performances and activities.

Our Circus skill workshops and performances of Reynard the Fox drew families back into the Town Hall, while a concert by the Isolation Open Mic bands took place in the evening. The activities were fun, positive and joy to attend following the lockdown.

“The Courtyard was such a lovely, safe outdoor space where we could have fun with our family.”

“We haven’t visited the Town Hall before. We will definitely look out for their activities in the future.”

We are very grateful to the Art Council England Cultural Recovery Fund for supporting these performances and activities.