Isolation Open Mic Live!

Isolation Open Mic (IOM) was a group set up by local musicians Charlie and Craig during the very first lockdown in March 2020. They successfully created a digital platform that gave local artists the opportunity to share their talent and for audiences to watch performances through live Facebook sessions. The group quickly grew to over 5k members showing the local passion and desire for live music.

As the lockdown situation started to ease in 2021 we contacted IOM to offer them the opportunity to continue their good work in a live, covid safe, environment…and from here a great partnership was formed!

The initial plan was to deliver an open air performance within our Courtyard area, however with over 70 tickets being allocated within the first few hours on sale, we needed to adjust our delivery plan to accommodate everyone while ensuring the safety of all our audience. Once we had sold out all 100 tickets we took the decision to move the event inside while still retaining the Courtyard as the visitor entrance and ‘breakout’ area where Pizzas were freshly prepared by local professional caterers Calabbria. The Music Room was staged as an outdoor concert complete with festoon lighting, hay bale seating and virtual sunset projected behind the performance area.

It was a fantastic event and the bands and audience were amazing.

If you missed out on getting a ticket IOM will be back over the summer!

You can see more about the event here: